One of those.. woooo .. moments

You ever had one of those days.. just nothing seems to be going right. You’re tired, you’re frustrated, you just can’t see the end of the tunnel and you know that the light is really a train coming at you? Had one of those yesterday. Kinda still having one today, truth be told.

But, I found some time out of the day to stop and pray a little. Try to refocus, try to get back to what’s important. So I offered up my moment of silent petition, sure that through all the turmoil, I would just have more turmoil on the other side. And I did. My day didn’t seem to get better, it just kept right on going.

I finally got a break toward the end of my day, and opened up my Google reader and read my well over due reading for the day (which was about 16 days late). It happened to be Ezekiel 33 and 34 and 1 Peter 5. Talk about God showing up. I read it like I haven’t read anything in a while. Devoured it. Couldn’t stop.

Why? Well, part of my prayer was for God to clarify my situation. And He did just that. Those versus were like God Himself going.. see, here it is.. just a reaffirmation really, but man, you just got to love those ‘woooo’ moments.


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