It’s time to start a Revolution!

So, I was doing some reading the other day and came across John 13:34-35. Go ahead and click on that link if you don’t already have this verse memorized. I’ll wait…

Ok, back? Good. Now, I know this verse is not some form of super revelation or that the heavens opened up, or.. well, maybe they did, but for me, it was actually more like a light bulb that had been dimly lit in the background coming to life and shining nice and bright, illuminating the area where I was standing.

And oh, the junk that was littered on the ground. It was disgusting to me. I sat, in the middle of this filth that I called my Christian walk, surrounded by the darts of judgement, the fecal matter or my expressed opinions about others, and the general dirt and filth that I had collected over the course of time that had been thrown at me that I had in turn, thrown at others.

And in the light of this verse, I realized, that my justification for calling others words like ‘idiot’ or ‘worthless’ or deciding that others were not worth my time or effort just because they happened to annoy me somehow, was just flat out in opposition to what Christ told us.

I was humbled. I was angry with myself. I was mortified.

And then, not two minutes after writing the word ‘idiot’ above, someone called me and did something that made me want to say.. ‘idiot’. Apparently I have some work that still needs to be done.

See, as Christian’s, we are suppose to LOVE one another. And not just those who love us, but those who hate us, those who annoy us, those who we just absolutely know are going to make fun of us.

Why? Cause He loved us first. He died on a cross to make us right with Him while we were still in the middle of our garbage, while we pointed and made fun of Him, while we rejected and said His name as a curse.

If He can do that for us, is it really so much for Him to ask us to do the same for others? Share the love that He gave you when He died on the cross in your place. After all, it is how they will know we are His disciples…

Are you ready to start a revolution?

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