Back to it…

Been a while. Life has a way of doing that too you I guess, or at least that what someone once told me and I bought it. However, I am feeling the urge to begin this again, more my own words and experiences other then those of the influencer’s who shape and mold some of my thoughts.

See how long I can keep this up this time.. should be interesting.. oh, I hope it will be interesting.. please, let it be interesting…

So, with out further ado, (what does that even mean?) my Thoughts from the Front!..

War is horrible.. not the war you see on TV, but the war that rages inside of me. The one that started over 20 years ago when I surrendered my life to Christ. You know, the one that screams at you.. “hey, you, come here, try this”, or “look at that”, or “this isn’t so bad!” The one where you try to justify all your actions, those actions that you know are not pleasing to God, and that leave you a puddle of mess afterwards.

I have my fair share of war stories, and there are times I wonder, how much more could I have done for God if I would have just stayed true to the calling I believed He has on my life…

you know the drill..

the condemnation that comes after you fall short. That self beating up that you do because you know better, you are one of God’s children, He set you free, and you treat Him like this, how could He ever forgive you again, how could he see past this sin, how could I let Him down like that.. all that garbage that you pile on yourself because you feel unworthy…


How long will we buy into those lies the devil tries to cripple us with? God so loves you that even while you were yet a sinner, He died for you! His death on the cross paid for all of your sin. His resurrection 3 days later set you free from the condemnation and guilt.

Yes, there is conviction, and yes, there is consequence. There is NOT condemnation. Conviction is correction, for whom God loves He also corrects and reproves. There is consequence to your actions, because we will reap what we sow, but aren’t you glad that he also says that all things work together for good to those who love God. But condemnation, that feeling of worthlessness, was nailed to the cross. Death, the penalty of sin, was paid when Christ died once and for all for all sin!

Yes, ALL sin!

And, yes, there is HOPE!

He said He will never leave you, never forsake you, that His joy is your strength. Rise up child of God, stop wallowing in the mud of despair, take your place at the right hand of God in Christ, and walk triumphant with Him who has called you out of darkness into His glorious light. Learn and embrace what amazing grace truly is. Love lavished upon you for HIS purpose and desires. Not because of what you have done, not because who you are, not because of anything more then this..

He Loves YOU!


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