The Warrior

Invincible. Indestructible. Unstoppable. Unshakable. Fierce.

Words that I would love to use to describe myself. Yet, I struggle with the basics. I yearn to be that warrior that I know God has called me to be. I desire inside my core to strike out and become who He see’s me as. That unstoppable warrior who is unashamed and unabashed at living fiercely for my King and Savior.

Yet, even with such desire, I find that I fail. I see this warrior chained to a wall, slumped in the mud, covered in dirt and grime, sword just out of reach. Powerless.

How did I get here. All by myself, of my own accord.

But how do I get free? A much more important question. It is through Christ that I find my freedom. He who the Spirit sets free is free indeed. However, does this freedom mean I can do whatever I want? At what price did this freedom come? How much did it cost me?

I am free. By the grace of God and through his abundant mercy showed to me while I was yet still stuck in the mud, chained to the wall. I am free. To serve.

See, the reality of it is we will always serve one of two masters. We will serve the world, ourselves, our sinful nature. Ultimately serving the devil’s wicked schemes to destroy us.

Or, we will serve the Lord, and realize that those who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength, they will mount up with wings as eagles, run and not grow weary, walk and not grow faint.

Rise up, warrior of God, stand with your armor on, realizing that it is Jesus IN you, living THROUGH you, FOR Him..

and after doing all..

To Stand..


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