Count Your Blessings, Day 2


Yep, clouds.

I know, sounds like a weird thing to be thankful for, but, sometimes, when the world just get’s too noisy, I find myself getting lost in the clouds.
And honestly, we have some great clouds here where I live. From the puffy light grey ones that just stroll across the sky, to the broken up white ones that ride high in the upper atmosphere, breaking up the expansive blue.
However, my favorite clouds of all? Storm clouds. Those ominously dark, large clouds that just swallow up the entirety of the horizon with the looming threat of causing a downpour of biblical proportions. The way the lightning plays across them, rolling from one side to the other, like an electric ballet with music unheard. As a kid, I would sit in the window and just watch the storm clouds, and get lost in thought and wonder, and like I said before, that’s something I still find myself doing.
So, today, I count clouds as a blessing.

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