Count Your Blessings, Day 3

My children.
Todd, Taylor, & Ben
From time to time (ok, a lot of the time), I take it for granted that I happen to be the dad of two pretty awesome kids. Yes, they have their issues, but considering who their dad is, they didn’t turn out all that bad.
Both are incredibly gifted musicians, playing several instruments each, but the saxophone is the one they have in common. Ben can sing, and I hear my daughter can also (although, I am thinking this is more like the Unicorn or Leprechaun, as I have yet to see truth behind these rumors.) They both have a heart to serve God, and from what I can tell, doing their best to be the best that they can be.
Even though they have had their struggles, I am very proud of the young man and woman they have grown into, and looking forward to the future when they step into the new roles, my son as a dad (he got married in 2013 to a pretty great young lady) and my daughter as a wife and then a mother. Yeah, that’ll make me a grandfather, but, seriously, how lucky are those kids going to be? Right?
 Life in general is not easy, but these two.. Ben and Taylor.. they have taken the challenge, stepped up to the plate and have given it a good try. Success or failure do not define a person, only how you deal with either outcome.
So, to my son Ben, and to my daughter Taylor, I have loved watching you grow up, and I have enjoyed being a part of your life, but you are more of a blessing to me then I ever think I could be to you. You make me proud.

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