Count Your Blessings, Day 10

Krista Joy

It’s been just under 3 years. 
May 29th, 2011.
Granted, I knew her before this, but that is the day that, in my head, marks the real first day that Krista came into our lives. That was the Sunday of the “Awkward Introduction”. (If you don’t know about that, feel free to ask either of them.) And on that day, unbeknownst to Heather and I, we got the answer to a prayer we started praying years ago.
You see, a long time ago, my wife and I started praying for our children’s spouses. What we prayed for specifically isn’t really the point, but ultimately it boiled down to someone that would compliment them in the life that God was calling them too.
Krista has been that woman for Ben. Someone to push him when he needs to be pushed, someone to stand with him when he needs support, someone to fight with him when he needs to be corrected, and someone to love him when he doesn’t feel like he can be. I’m proud to call her my daughter-in-law, and the best compliment I know how to give to her is that she reminds me of my wife.

Ultimately, she loves my son, and that right there is more then an answer to prayer, it’s more then something to be thankful for, it’s kind of a miracle.


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