The clock…

There are days…

They just drag and drag…

This day.. this is definitely one of them.

I’d really enjoy something like a FFW button on today. I mean, it could get slower, I’m sure. Well, I’m not really sure how, but somehow, it could.

I guess looking at the clock just isn’t helping either. The whole “A watched pot never boils.” (BTW, they totally do, I’ve seen it happen, I was watching and that water boiled right up and over the top.)

How can seconds seem so slow one day, and so fast the next? Maybe I can manipulate time? But like, in a Benjamin Button kind of way. All backwards and what not. Maybe my solution is found in the fact that I want the day to hurry so it is now going slower.

A point to ponder.

However, I am sure that the second I start to make head way in that pondering, time will all the sudden speed up and something then a deadline or a pre-arranged time where I have to do something will suddenly show up.

That does tend to be the way of things.

But for now, I guess I just keep staring at the clock.

That stupid, smug clock.


1 thought on “The clock…

  1. Back in my early TV days I had an anchor I wrote for, a Mr Del Frank. It was Miami. Back then the anchors wrote, produced, and overall ran the entire show. We writers just did as told. There was one particular noon show where late news had broken. We were still in film so it would only be a copy story delivered by him. I was assigned the writing because he had to put his own make up, check teleprompter, blah blah blah. And as he turned to leave the newsroom he turned and declared in puffed chest, red faced Shakespearean tone “Damn those dreaded black hands of time.” I guess on that day they were moving just a little too fast..


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