I am the Avengers’s: Iron Man

Anyone who has known me for any length of time knows that I have a thing for gadgets and gizmos (a plenty). There is just something about a new shiny toy with bells and whistles (or bleeps and bloops) that just really makes me happy. Add to that my overconfident snarky nature, and well, you got yourself Iron Man.
Ok, so I don’t have like a gazillion dollars, a drinking problem, Jarvis, or a really cool suit of armor that flies, but I do have.. um.. hrm.. well, let me get back to you on that one.. maybe.
So.. anywho…
There are days where I just love coming home, entering into the room that has been dubbed anything from “The Office”, “NASA’s Shuttle Launch Central”, “S.H.I.E.L.D.’s New Head Quarters”, or just simply “The Command Center”, and sitting down, hearing the hum of my gadgets as they come to life, the glow of monitors reflecting off my glasses, the welcome screen inviting me to log on. It is a pretty epic room, in my opinion, and although I can not technically take over the real world, in that room I can save it, or rule it, or change it to my whim with any number of video games, or apps, or programs.
It can be quite peaceful, getting lost in the world of technology, where real people are only voices in your head that you choose to listen too, where life and death is negated to nothing more then a respawn or reloading from the last save point. Consequences are easily erased, and victories are made simple. Where achievements mark how much of your life you have invested into something. 
I guess you could say that my gadgets are my suit. Cutting me off from everyone, making them ethereal, just voices, videos or texts. Where social interaction is purely based off of my desire to reach out to you or to not ignore that call or message you just sent me. Where consequences for my actions are nullified. Where responsibility for what I say or post can be erased simply by putting a tag on it like ‘LOL’, or a smiley face, or claiming it as nothing more then a rant, or simply de-friending you. Where I can choose just to ignore those people or things that irritate me.
And the best part of all this?
The ability to turn it all off when I get annoyed by it.
So, yeah, I’m Iron Man, in my suit, protected and cut off from everything…

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