I’m the Avenger’s: Hawkeye and Black Widow

One is a pinpoint accurate with the bow, able to hit a moving target without even looking at it, and the other a deadly infiltrator so capable of getting information out of you that you don’t even realize you are doing it.

Hawkeye and Black Widow
An odd pair, to say the least, but an interconnected story (at least in the MMU*) as seen in the Avenger’s movie. So, I figured, why not tie them together in my blog, plus, there is that whole ‘fitting in everyone in a week’ thing too. (Besides, as someone told me today, apparently I’m having identity issues anyway, so… )
Hawkeye, a man with a dark past that has honed his skill with an archaic weapon so much so that he can hold his own with a group of super powered beings, and somehow not get lost in the background.. too much. That’s kind of how I feel on a normal basis as I compare myself to the people I am surrounded by.

Each one of them has a gift or talent that just makes me feel small or unworthy. It can definitely make me feel like I am just an extra at times. It’s hard to compare yourself to people who have skills so visual, like photography or art, or audible like music or singing. I have the written word, and as we all know.. a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s easier to see or hear something then it is to read it.. at least that is the comparison that I tend to use on myself.

And then there is Black Widow, similar dark history, but her talents are more about interrogation and subterfuge. Annoying people by finding out what they don’t want others to know. Although I don’t know much about martial arts and skin tight outfits (ok, that one shirt was just a joke, can’t we just drop it?) I do know something about finding out information. Just ask anyone of the students I have had conversations with how I know what I know and they most often will respond, “He’s Todd”.

Even though these particular talents tend to run the lines of archaic or annoying, I do try to make the best of what I have. That doesn’t always work out for the best, and I end up writing a blog that really is either stretching just to be written, feels contrite, makes me want to hit the delete button and just write something else…

Or, you know…

All of the above.

*Marvel Movie Universe

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