The Deafening Sound of Quiet

Those moments I can focus are so very precious to me right now.

If only, during those moments, the noise of this deafening silence would quiet down.

I stand in a dark room, looking for solace, waiting for the moment of anxiety to pass, for my heart rate to come down…

To just feel

 for a few brief seconds.

I pray.

Then, my eyes adjust to the darkness, and from the light through the crack at the bottom of the door, I can see the world starting to invade into my moment.

So I close my eyes. I bow my head. I sink to the floor.
I wrap my arms around my knees and I breath out.
I hold tightly to my moment, not wanting to let it go.

And there it went.

And the world is back.

The chatter, the noise, the constant level of go.

And I sink a bit further into the mud as I hear the the gnashing of the world’s teeth.


Deep breath.

Back to the grind.

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