The World is Too Loud

So, here is an interesting problem that has popped up over the last few days:

The world has become like stupid levels of noisy. It’s like that scene in “Man of Steel” where Clark starts to hear all the world at once and it is driving him crazy, so he goes and locks himself in a closet till his mom comes and tells him to quiet the noise.

Except, I’m not Superman. (seriously, I’m not.. cause, you know… I’m BATMAN!)*

Ok, silliness aside, I can’t remember if I have ever experienced this before. Normally, I like the activity, the commotion and the hectic-ness of life. I thrive in the hurricane of chaos. I enjoy being in the middle of the social storm.

And now, normal conversations are happening around me and I just want them all to shut up. I can hear them talking and just want to close my eyes and find a quiet place. I  find it weird that I, the one a lot of people see as the social guy, am looking for the exit in a room or a quiet place to go to be away from everyone.

The really sad part…even then, it’s still not quiet. The noise that is going on inside of me is still there.

So, if as of late I seem to be a bit disconnected, more irritated then usual, or I am avoiding could just be all the noise, so don’t be offended.

Granted, it could be you.

Ehh, it’s probably just all the noise.


*Ok, fine, maybe I’m not Batman, but.. I am the Avenger’s!

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