Happy Birthday, Mom

Today is my mom’s birthday. (if that wasn’t readily obvious by the name of the post)


It’s been over 6 years since mom passed away. In the last few years, I tend to think of her less on the everyday. Instead, sometimes a week will go by, sometimes even two, before I have a thought about her.

Not sure how I am suppose to feel about that. It’s kind of strange, because part of me wants to feel guilty that I am not remembering her as often, because, you know, she is my mom. Then the logical part of me thinks I’m crazy because, well, she is gone, and how weird is it to want to talk to and miss someone that isn’t here anymore.

It’s a fight an interesting fight between emotion and logic, sure. But am I the only one who has ever had this thought process battle on in between their head and heart?

None-the-less… Today, I’m missing her.

And that’s ok.



Happy Birthday Mom.




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