Can we be honest?

I have a lot of conversations (what can I say, I like to talk), and out of those conversations, a lot of them tend to be coaching/counseling conversations.

Over the last few years, I have traded one verbal tick for another, from words like ‘like’ and ‘actually’, to the newest of the bunch, ‘honestly’ or ‘can I be honest with you?’ Can I be honest with you?

I really hate when I do that. Honestly. Mainly because it comes across like everything else I was saying is a lie, or that I need some kind of special permission to give you the real truth, or that I need to reaffirm that my what about to say or what I just said was really, really true.

Not just true, but like a special level of true I reserve for only select statements.

It has become quite irritating and I have started to catch myself using this all the time, and, honestly, I just can’t help it.

Honestly, I have to ask.

Actually, what’s wrong with me?

Like, right?

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