In the Comparative


How often do we chase our dreams to only get stopped by comparing
ourselves to others who are doing the very same thing? Not only are they doing the same thing, but they seem to be doing it better!

I started this blog as a way to focus on things. To take a few moments out of my day and really let my mind sink into what is going on, wrap it up into words and then spew it forth upon unsuspecting readers. As I have done this, I went from Blogger to WordPress. I still post to Facebook, Twitter, and my Google account to get the word out.

But on WordPress, I have ‘meet’ a slew of other people doing the exact same thing. People who have come and liked some of my posts, which has prompted me to go check out their pages.

And there in lies the issue. I have come across people who, in my eyes, are far more capable then me, able to write prose and words in a manner that is engaging and draws me in.

I feel small in comparison.

It’s a familiar feeling, one that I have been struggling with all my life. My older brother has this natural artistic ability, able to draw and create things that I know I don’t have the skill nor patience for.

Then there is my dad. He has this ability to tell stories, and he uses video and photography to enhance the stories he tells. So much so that he has won several Emmy’s for the work that he has done.

My children both have musical talent and can sing. I have no idea where they got that from because the closest I have ever come to playing an instrument is air drums or beating out a rhythm on the table top. As for singing… well, cat’s tend to throw shoes at me. And yet, they both play sax and sing. One plays bass guitar, the other bass clarinet, and although my daughter is better at piano (as far as I can tell) my son doesn’t do too bad himself. Me, I can barely play chopsticks. (OK, I really can’t play it at all. Yeah, it’s that bad.)

Then I end up thinking to myself, “Why am I even trying to do this?” or “It’s not like anyone is reading it anyway.” or “It’s really not that good after all.”

And I get lost.

In the comparison.

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