So much for good ideas…

I had this really awesome idea that I wanted to write about today. It was in my head this morning and I had a really cool title and everything.

And then…

My world decided to go wonky.

Somehow my Sprint phone decided to tell me it was 8:15 when it was really 9:15. My wife’s phone was doing the same thing. So here I am, taking a nice easy go into my morning, then I realize it’s an hour off, and go into hyperdrive freak out mode.

I rush through my morning routine… grab my wife,┬ákiss my keys, pat my daughter on the head and say goodbye to the cats… or something like that…

Jump into the truck, speed through traffic.

Slow down to get a cup of coffee on the way in.

Rush out the door, back into my truck, and head off to my office.

I finally get to work, things are ok for the most part, and I’m able to back off the gas a bit and ease into my morning routine.

But wait, that’s my phone ringing. It’s my wife. She is busy trying to resolve a few issues we have had over the last week and she needs my help. She hasn’t had her coffee yet, which is definitely making things a bit more edgy. (yeah, she is kind of that person, shh, don’t tell her I told you that).

She is on the phone trying to update her driver’s license insurance information, which apparently Florida has somehow misplaced and are threatening┬áto suspend her license and fine her.

So much fun.

Having to find information to prove to someone that we have something that we have had for a while.

Like… really????

If only it ended there. But, wait… there’s more!

Then she call’s back a few minutes later as she is trying to solve the problem we are having with our some of our medical bills and our new medical insurance. And as any of you know, medical stuff can be pretty expensive, so, we are a bit concerned and, dare I say, worried.

Turns out it is two problems. One, somehow something is coded wrong, so they are fixing that. Secondly, my wife isn’t showing up on our insurance and it’s because of some error on our old insurance, or something.

I go online, and there it is. Old insurance, from 1996, that I never ever remember having and is somehow related to my military career. No biggie, I’ll just delete it and put none and everything…. will…. be…


I can’t delete the information!?


So, I can’t fix a problem that didn’t exist, but does exist, but isn’t my fault.

Fine… phone call.

Ten minutes later, after talking to two people (very nice people I might add), they are going to send it up to be fixed.

And in the process I had to provide information to prove to someone that we never had something that we currently, supposedly have.

It’s noon, and I’m tired already.

Now, if I can only remember what that really awesome idea was…

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