Just… one… last… thing

It’s 12:30.


The house is quiet. Everyone is asleep and only the soft sounds of music can be faintly heard in the background. Sometimes one of my cat’s meow’s or scratches at a door to be let in (to instantly be let out again… cats).

I sit in my backroom command center. That place walled up by monitors, a TV, consoles and my pc’s and Mac. The place my wife says I will launch the next space shuttle from.

My eyes are glued to the screen. I don’t think I have blinked in the last 3 minutes. Images dance in pixelated union in front of me, forming the diversion that has kept me up this late.

Sometimes they are cartoonish in nature. Sometimes, the lifelike animation is enough to make me forget it’s fake. But they always respond to my input and command, even though sometimes it might be slower then I would like.

Or maybe it’s because my body is so tired it is creating it’s own version of lag in my mind.

I should shut down the computer.

I should head down the hall to my room.

I should go to bed.

I should.. just finish this one last thing.

I mean, it will only take another 5 minutes, right?

It’s now 1 in the morning. I haven’t blinked in the last 10 minutes, my fingers are typing or clicking or pulling on the trigger.

One mission has turned into 3.

Crafting that last item has turned into ‘Inventory Maintenance’.

Finishing that last quest has turned into exploring the new section that opened up.

Yeah, it really doesn’t matter what game I am playing, I always can justify ‘Just one last thing’, which is never just one thing. It’s worse then Lays potato chips.

Whether it be a final match of Battlefield 4, another Fixer mission on Watchdogs, finishing that one last quest on Marvel Hero’s, or trying to finish up that last crafting item on Gnomoria… there is always something to keep me going.

Last night it was Craft the World, my newest addition to my, dare I say, addiction. Well, it kind of is. But why so late at night? Why not be a normal person and just go to bed at a reasonable time?

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

But seriously, it tends to be the only time of the day where I can go uninterrupted by anything.  I can just get lost in the game, and try to unwind by conquering, crafting or completing some unimportant goal.

And through that, I gain a small modicum of achievement in my life. Something that, for some stupid reason, makes me feel that no matter what I did during the day, at least I accomplished something, no matter how trivial it  really is, no matter how ‘not real’ it is, no matter that tomorrow (ok, actually, just later today) it just won’t, you know… matter.

But that just doesn’t, well… matter… when there is that calling to…







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