I’m Making Another Left Turn!!!


Life is about choice. Every decision that you have ever made has lead you to this very point, where you are reading the words on this page (thanks for that by the way, that just makes you awesome in my book (or would that be blog, hrmm?).

I wrote about living A Life Without Regret a few days ago and how it’s easy to get caught up in the thought of making the wrong decision and getting stuck in that moment and failing to recognize that you are who you are today because of every yesterday you have had.

And whether you believe in fate, predestination, unlimited choice, or free will… you will always come back to one very finite answer for everything…




Yep, right here!
Yep, right here!


Everything in your life has lead you to this place that you currently are. That could be a good place, a bad place, a weird place (ok, you are reading my blog, that kind places you in the ‘weird’ category) or you could be like me and are just… in a place.

No matter. Don’t get caught up in the would’ve, could’ve, should’ves…

They will lead you nowhere, and ultimately make you despise where you are because of the constant question of how much better your life could have been if… just… if.

And really, is your life so bad that you would change everything between now and when you didn’t (or did) make that choice that lead you here…

Risking all of those moments you have had? Instead just take some advice from someone who has struggled with the nightmare of wrong choices…

Just live.







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