Drums Along the Warpath

ukd_dubstep_v4_by_antibanti-d331nc1The day is done. I close the office and walk to my truck. My boots heels click-clack across the pavement as the sun warms my air conditioned body back to a reasonable temperature. A soft wind blows, the smell of fresh cut grass followed by the darker odor of diesel from the mower.

I fiddle with my keys as I get to the truck door. Unlocking it, throwing my backpack across to the other side and climb in. I take a deep breath, enjoying the Florida heat that has baked the inside of the cab. Slipping my key into the ignition, I bring the V-8 to life. The engine roars to life, and for a brief second that is all my ears hear.

Then, my radio kicks in. A cacophony of heavy metal drums and bass mixed with what sounds like a beaver holding a buzz-saw while attacking an angry nest of bees.

Ah… dubstep.

Just something about listening to it that just makes the world… fade.

The mixture of buzzing with the rhythm of the trance like metronome. I lean my head back for a bit, letting the noise just wash over me, erasing the day for a few brief moments. I get lost in the beat dropping, the way the drums just drive the pulse, the bass just beating hard against my chest, vibrating through me, the subtle high pitched beeping noise that somehow doesn’t fit with the song.

The what? Crap, forgot to buckle my seat belt, and now the truck is reminding me that I am unsafe in a non-moving vehicle, and pulls me out of my moment in the void…

Thanks Ford.

It’s time to drive home anyway.




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