Words are said and promises are made

Hopes are given while a foundation is laid

Then along comes life and things get lost

You never take a moment to count the cost

When you finally attempt to catch you breath

All you see in that second is the wake of death

Of all you once held close, that you once held dear

And you realize that it’s no where close, not even near

To where you wanted to go, who you wanted to be

And you find yourself fallen down upon your knees

Everything you could say to make it right has been spoken

All that is left are the shattered pieces of your life…




4 thoughts on “Broken

    1. Actually, it’s a teddy rabbit. His name is Herman. And no, this is a poem I wrote about 5 years ago while going through a pretty screwed up part of my life. Hrm, in retrospect, I seem to have a lot of those.


      1. It’s all good. Rabbits work just as well. Although it helps if they are visible for all to see. Yes ??
        Traps of the mind are traps for your consciousness.
        As long as you are learning and growing from the past and not just being lead from one trap to the next … it’s all good.


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