A Story about Challenges and Hot Sauce… and a whole lot of funny!

It was last Tuesday. A group of 10 of us descended upon our local Tijuana Flats for their Tijuana Tuesday special. Just a group of people going out to dinner, hanging as friends, and socializing face to face. What could go wrong, right?20140701_204331

…now, understand, most of the people I hang out with are younger then me. Hazard of working in youth ministry I guess. Other then me, there was only one other person there that night who was over 25. It tends to make for an interesting unfolding of events, as you will see…

As with all gatherings that include young men, several of them decided that the Hot Sauce Bar was something to be conquered, so they assaulted it with vigor, getting cups and filling it with the hottest of the sauces and challenging each other to try them. So as most of us ate our dinners, there was some laughter as they exclaimed how hot or not hot the previous sauce was, and we all laughed at their reactions…


You know… it just wasn’t hot enough. Oh no, there had to be hotter.

And so there was.

One of the young men heard someone say something about a hotter sauce, but in order to get it, he would have to come sign a waiver. I don’t know if this was a legit waiver or just a scare tactic kind of thing, but, up he went, courage in place, to get the hottest of the sauces after signing his life (or mouth and taste buds, as it were) away.

There the rest of us sat waiting for his return. But as we waited, one of the other young men, a former Marine (Hoo YAH!), just couldn’t be shown up by this guy and it got the better of him… so off he went to prove his ability to handle anything this other guy could.

Back to eating and laughing again. Until the guy sitting across from me, who happened to be the second oldest guy there, just couldn’t be shown up by those young guys, so off he went to sign up and prove that he was just as young (and stupid as it turns out) as the other two guys.

The rest of us just sat there. Waiting for the moment of their return, wondering how bad this sauce could be. We all got our cell phones out and prepared to capture this momentous moment of stupidity put on display for any to watch (which happened to include an employee who had never seen anyone actually try this sauce).

They returned, each holding a small cup with two drops of this brown liquid in it. They carried it with reverence, as if it was sacred and holy. They took their seats. Then they prepared themselves, steeling their nerves, and trash talking each other to build up to the moment.20140701_200135


Chips in hand, covered in sauce, camera’s ready to record, the ‘Last one to drink, loses’ challenge firmly established…. they partook of “The Bomb” sauce…

and the video just shows the rest.


This was the most I have laughed in a long time, so to the three of you, I just need to say, thanks.

Oh, and this doesn’t even cover the guy who dipped his finger into it, tasted it, started crying, wiped his eye with the same finger (twice) and made his eye burn, nor the dry heaving that happened afterwards, nor the story of how bad it was the next day while going to the bathroom…

Yeah, they called me a wimp for not trying it.. but I’m like..

What do I have to prove?




3 thoughts on “A Story about Challenges and Hot Sauce… and a whole lot of funny!

  1. Woah YUCK! That would have been an emphatic nope from me. No way LOL. The video is hilarious! They needed milk or sour cream to ease the burn, coke doesn’t really help a lot hahaha.


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