Into the Wasteland

The house lays on the outskirts of the zone. An old derelict, left over from a long forgotten time, when the people lived in the open country. That was long before the war that decimated the population of the world, that was long before the muties strode the wastelands, that was long before I was ever born.

I came across the two story house a few years back, the wood painted a color lost to the years. The front porch wrapped around the house, however, you would sooner fall through the floor then be able to walk on it. Trekking inside was hazardous on a good day, the stairs had decayed, and quite a bit of the second floor had collapsed down into the basement.

But the roof, somehow the roof had fared better then the rest. There was one giant hole where a gable use to be, but other then a few missing shingles, that was the extent of  the damage.

It has taken the better part of 2 years to get it back into shape, at least to make it habitable for more then a night. The basement and first floor have seen most of the repair, with a lot of work done to the well to bring running water back into the house. Still no electricity, but, the generator at least starts now.

I fortified the second floor, setting up an observation post that allows me to see for about 10 miles beyond the edge of the zone, making this a great forward position for my journeys into the wasteland.

Another two months and I will have this place fully stocked with provisions that will let me scout for more then 6 months. It’s been a long, hard road, but this house, this fort, this home away from home, is finally coming together.

And so, soon, my journey will begin.



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