That old familiar feeling

So, it has happened. I don’t know exactly when it did, but it was in the last few days. It came out of nowhere, even though I can admit that I was out looking for it. But, then it happened, totally by surprise, that feeling I have missed for so long.

You know the feeling, where you get all excited, your pulse races, you feel the anticipation as it flushes through your skin, you get nervous, your mind reels with the possibilities, hoping no one finds out (at least not yet). Then you get caught up in the moment, getting lost in the feeling, relishing every painful second til you can make it a reality.

Of course I am talking about that spark of creation that happens when you have a good idea that you have put effort into fleshing out and it starts to take form.

Confession time. This was not my idea. I have been struggling with a few ideas, throwing them back and forth like a guy making pizza dough, but nothing was panning out. I got stuck and frustrated. Ever been there?

So I did what any sane person would do, I turned to my 9 year old niece and said, “So, if I wrote a story for you, what should it be about?” Her answer was what you would expect. Short and to the point. “A girl and her talking cat.” Just like that. Nothing more. I sat there confused and thought to myself, “What else would you expect.”

Not being happy with that answer and hoping to get something with a lot more inspiration to it I further asked, “What would they do?” and waited, hoping, praying that she would enlighten my blocked creative duct.

“They should go on adventures.”

She didn’t even look up from her iPad. Just stated the obvious without breaking her stride on the game she was playing.

That was a week ago. That thought, a girl and her talking cat, has stuck with me, like a unwanted hitchhiker bumming a ride to where ever I was going. Which by the way, was nowhere, in a hurry.

But then it happened. I guess I chewed on it enough, asked the question, “But why?” enough, or just got so frustrated that a 9 year old could stump me so surreptitiously that I had a break through.

Answer started coming in. Names flowed out. Scenery started popping up as vivid pictures. An over arcing plot played out. And a heroine was born…ish.

I am still stuck at one very crucial point, and the “Why?” question still looms heavily over that particular part.. of course it would be the biggest part… but…

It’s there. Almost ready to be written. Just waiting for a few more parts to clear up.

And it’s back…

That old familiar feeling.



(Thanks Elsie)

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