Procr… nevermind, I’ll get to it later…


Pro – someone that earns money doing something

Cras – being rude or abrupt

Ti – um.. the.. er.. Titanium?

Nation – a group of people who stand under a banner together

So.. if we put that all together.. procrastination is really nothing more then a group of people being paid to stand together and be rude or abrupt. And Titanium.

I’d look it up to make sure, but.. that would take too much time and I really have other things like.. um.. writing this blog (yeah, that’s it).

So, let me get back to finishing this, then maybe I will look it up.

Besides, this is the internet, therefor, anything I write automatically becomes true.

Oh, by the way, I’m a French model…





2 thoughts on “Procr… nevermind, I’ll get to it later…

  1. Are we talking David Guetta Titanium or the chemical element? Just saying… I have spent a lot of totally worth it procrastination hours listening to Titanium šŸ™‚


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