GoRuck Yourself! Lightly though.

I’m not sure how it happened.

Well, that’s a lie, I’m pretty sure I just caved into the whim of my older brother. What is that called, peer pressure, brother pressure, sibling pressure?

Sibling pressure sounds about right..


Somehow, he was able to finagle, coerce, or torment me into signing up for a GoRuck Light.

I’m still not sure that was a smart thing to do. I actually think my body has started hurting more since I signed up for it.

My left shoulder is possibly impinged, my left knee hurts when I bend it or put too much weight on it, and my lower back is just all kinds of fun right now.

So.. you know.. perfect health.

But the good news is it isn’t until the end of November… yeah, that’s the good news.

So, for the next 90 or so days, I am going to be in training for this event. Hoping my shoulder gets better, and my knee doesn’t give out, and.. you know.. other excuses I can come up with in the mean time to garner sympathy for my plight.

With just about 4 months, I guess it’s time to get off the excuse bus and just get to doing. Especially now that I have let everyone know. (I even put a countdown clock on the blog, so you all can bust my chops on it.)

So, that’s my goal. GoRuck Light in November… this should be fun.

But really…

I must be insane.



Oh, and btw, thanks, Rob.


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