GoRuck Training Day 1



So.. there it is. Last night, I decided to stop making excuses, went out and did a 2 and a half mile…


I feel so accomplished..



Granted, I did do a bit of running, just to see how well my knee would handle it. It didn’t. I hobbled at best, and it felt like I had a spike driving into it on several occasions. I’m hoping this is just a side effect of a dormant lifestyle and that my knee just needs to get in line…


On a side note (literally), the outside of my right calf burns pretty bad when I walk, and it always feels like I am walking on the outside of my foot, like it’s rolling under. I shouldn’t say always, but after any real exertion. Curious about that…

So, there is that. A little disheartened I didn’t get out there and just crush a three mile jog (seriously, I’ve never actually run 3 miles straight… ever).. but there is always tomorrow?


Tonight, weather permitting, think I will go on a nice, slow bike ride…


2 thoughts on “GoRuck Training Day 1

  1. You might need new shoes if it feels like your feet are rolling. I walk on the outside of my feet and found that buying the right shoes and trainers have made a massive difference – when I stand and walk a lot at my work my feet used to kill by the end of the day… not anymore. Definitely something to think about.
    Bike riding would probably be easier on your knee, swimming is also great!


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