You did it… and it was epic… and it was… FAIL worthy on levels that just don’t do justice to any spoken word. So what choice are onlookers left with to express the level of disaster that you just accomplished? 2010-05-17-facepalm-hi-res That’s right.

The Facepalm(TM)

Whether it be for that brave act of stupidity, like jumping off the roof with a blanket, attempting to recreate the Para-Drop behind enemy lines the night before D-Day, riding your bike down the sidewalk as fast as you can toward the slide that is propped up on cinder blocks because you just need to recreate Evil Kneivel’s Snake Canyon jump, or that really horrible joke you just told without first practicing Rule #1 of all joke telling. (if you don’t know this rule, chances are, you are breaking this one all the time)… you’re friends and family are going to need something to display their disbelief in the sheer level of stupid you just perpetuated. The Facepalm(TM) can be invoked for any reason that deserves a response but where words just fail. Use of The Facepalm(TM) in no way expresses agreement with, alignment of, or encouragement too the act that was just egregiously committed. The Facepalm(TM) can be used at anytime or anywhere that seems appropriate to express your disdain or disbelief of a previously performed act. Note, that The Facepalm(TM) must be completed immediately following the crime in order to maintain the full effect of the product. If you wait too long to use The Facepalm(TM), you are in jeopardy of having The Facepalm(TM) used on you. So, don’t delay, Get yours today at www.TheFacepalm.com and start Facepalm-ing your friends and family immediately! Hurry, supplies are limited. AND!!! If you order yours in the next 10 minutes, we will include a second Facepalm(TM) at no additional cost. Why?


Sometimes, one is just not enough.


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