What is best in life?

I am not one to use the term ‘best’ when it comes to my friends. Call me a cynic, but I just find that it is a word that is arbitrarily assigned to a specific person based on your current mood and state of emotional stability.

I have listened to girls say, “Those three girls are my best friends.” or watched as one week so-and-so is my best friend and the next week, it’s someone new.

First, how can you have more then one best friend? Best, by definition, is the one that rates the highest. You can’t have more then one! Seriously people, stop that. (ok, sure, if you want to group a set of friends together and say they are the best as compared to another group, I get that, but, to just say those three are my best in relation to the rest, as individuals, well, it’s just wrong.)

Secondly, how do you go from someone being the best one moment to someone else being the best the next? Is it such a fickle thing that you just switch like that? How ‘best’ could they have been if you can just change the title from one person to another so easily?

Now, having said all that, I do have two friends that have stuck with me through a lot and have seen me not only go through the best of times, but also those times where I was in the mud, flat on my face, ready to give up.

One of those is Jesus. You know, the dude from the bible, hung on a cross, died for our sins. Yeah, Him. I don’t want to do an injustice here, nor come across preachy, but He has been there for me when no one else was. I have a lot of stories I could tell, and maybe one day will, but for now, just rest assured, He is one I count amongst my closest of friends.

The second person is my wife. I can say, with pretty much one hundred percent surety, that I would not be the man I am today without her. Almost 24 years of marriage (and 3 years of knowing each other before that), she has watched me grow from an awkward adolescent to an awkward adult. Yep, still awkward, just older (some things never change).

Even with as much as these two have gone through with me, I’m not sure I would use the words ‘best friend’ to describe either of them. I just don’t feel as if those two words can encompass just how much they mean to me.

If I were to describe Jesus, it would be as savior, Lord, someone who sticks closer then a brother, an ever present help in times of need, and the list goes on.

Heather, on the other hand, is best described with just one word. Wife.

And when it comes to the word ‘best’, I think Conan had it right.



Yeah, I know.

I’m a bit cynical.

(but I already said that)



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