What a day…

I wake up at 6 am. I decide to hit the gym in the hotel only to discover that it was closed because of a MRSA outbreak. Ok, bad planning on my part, so, instead, I headed back up to the room, take a shower, which is lukewarm at best, then shave and get ready for my meeting at 8:30 am.

As I get ready, I look at my watch and decide I have plenty of time before I have to head out so I start to go through my notes. As I do, I discover that one of my contracts is missing. A quick call to the office and that should fix that problem. Just hope someone is there and can email it to me and then I’ll just print it out on my portable printer. Which runs out of ink halfway through. Great, delays. I check my watch again.


I phone down to the front desk in hopes that they can print it out, and luckily they can, but it will take about 15 minutes. I email them the notes and decide to hit the continental buffet while I am waiting. Some toast with jelly, what passes as orange juice and a stellar cup of horrible coffee later, I walk back to the front desk to retrieve my documents.

The clerk at least has a nice smile as she hands me the papers, then is kind enough to point out the smear of jelly on my white shirt. I bow my head, sigh and say thank you as I head up to my room to do a quick change.

I step into the elevator, hit floor 12, and check my watch.


More then enough time I think as I nod to the couple with the small child entering. I watch as the couple hits the 6th floor, then junior decides to hit the buttons because he saw daddy do it. 3, 5, 7, and 9 all light up before the dad grabs his hand and scolds him. The mom looks back at me, smiles apologetically and uncomfortably. “Sorry.” she says. I nod a curt smile, feigning understanding, then she turns back around, as if embarrassed.

Finally back in my room, I check my watch again.


I shake my head and sigh again. I add the paperwork to my briefcase then open my bag to find another shirt. I strip and change out of the shirt, leaving my tie on but loose to save time. I double check myself in the mirror, pack up the rest of my bags and head for the door.

I look at my watch.


I rush down to the elevator, praying silently and calculating my trip time and estimated time of arrival at my meeting. 10 minutes to walk to the building, 5 minute to get to the office, 2 minutes to organize the paperwork. I should make it there in time barring any more interruptions.

I stop at the front desk and check my bag in to be picked up after the meeting. The same clerk smiles at me and says ‘No problem. Have a nice day.” At least that’s what I think she said as I am in a mad dash to the door and the street.

I arrive at the building and walk in toward the lobby. I check my watch again.


I head to the elevator and push the button a few too many times, as if by pressing it more it will miraculously make the carriage arrive sooner. I tap my shoe on the floor and check my watch again.


The elevator finally arrives. I enter, along with 3 other people. I politely ask the person near the panel for floor 22, then check my watch again.


The elevator feels as if it is taking forever. Two stops on the way up. Then my floor. As the doors open, I rush out toward the big mahogany welcome desk. “Wheeler, Montgomery, and Smith” in big gold letters adorn the back wall. The secretary smiles at me in a knowing glance as I wave my visitor’s badge at her and head toward the conference room.

As I walk in, I can see they are already waiting for me. I make a weak apology, stating I hope they haven’t waited to long. Opening my briefcase I pull out my documents and go over the spiel that I have practiced for the last two days. They nod, we talk, they sign, I walk. Pleasantries for doing business are exchanged and I head toward the elevator and check my watch.


My flight leaves at 1pm, so I should have no more issues for the day. The deal is signed, and I am home free. I breath a deep sigh of relief as the elevator descends. Returning to the hotel, I secure my bag and grab a taxi to the airport. Going through check in, the TSA and grabbing a small bite to eat, I head to my terminal. I check the signs for my flight and it blinks “No Delay”. Then I check my watch.


I grab a cup of coffee and have a seat in the waiting area. I sip on it as I pull out my iPad. 45% charged. I connect to the WiFi and bring up my news feed and pass my time while thumbing through it, periodically checking the screen for updates to my flight. I check my watch.


They start calling borders. I walk down the long tunnel toward the aircraft, find my seat, throw my briefcase under the seat and settle in. The rest of the passengers settle in, the flight attendants bustle around, the final check and boarding instructions are completed and I can hear the engines humming up. I lean back and relax, thinking “Can’t wait to get home.” I check my watch.


Then I hear it. The captain comes over the PA and says that we are delayed for an indefinite amount of time. Aggravation with this day sets in.


The captain comes on and tells us we are cleared and will be rolling out shortly. I’m glad I got that meal earlier, however, the coffee, not so much.


We set down. I gather my belongings, grab my bag from baggage claim and head to get a taxi.


I settle into the taxi, let him know where I am going and off we go.


My key hits my door, unlocking it. I walk in, drop my bags, ditch my jacket and tie, undo my shirt, kick off my shoes and head for chair. I turn on the tv and fire up my console. Controller in hand, I start my favorite first person shooter, hearing the opening music, I can already feel the day waning away.


Time to blow stuff up. Virtually, of course. I smile.


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