Words that make you go hrmmm….

Dunk.. sudden, forceful submergence.

Balderdash… silly banter

Banter… inconsequential back and forth conversation

Buzz… the noise made by angry bees

Brilliant… extremely bright, both in light context and intelligence

Splosh… the noise made right after dunked

Conflagration… extreme fire

Immolate… consumed by a conflagration

Whew… a loud sigh of relief

Yelp… a quick, short scream of pain

Scream… a loud cry out

Hrmph… the noise you made while reading my definitions


All together now!


I sat on a park bench, watching as two people bantered with each other, wondering what kind of balderdash they were exchanging. I heard a loud buzzing noise coming from behind me, which caused me to turn toward the noise. There, I saw a large beehive, hanging from a tree with several hundred bees swarming it. Deciding that this could not be safe, and having a brilliant idea, I reached for my lighter and a nearby stick.

Having wrapped my handkerchief around the end, I lit it and held it toward the hive. It quickly lit on fire and as I sat back, watching the conflagration take hold of the small home of bees, I smiled. The hive immolated rather rapidly, and to my shock, the bees were not happy about their new lack of living arrangement. As if seeking vengeance on their newly forced vacating, they, in one mind, or so it seemed, singularly came at me.

Not being one to enjoy the sting of a bee, let alone a thousand, I ran for the pond screaming. Reaching the edge, I dunked myself into the water with a very loud sploosh as my entire body submerged beneath the surface. Waiting as long as I could, or at least til my breath could hold no longer, I re-emerged from my watery shield and looked around. The bees had given up chase. Whew, I breathed out and then started walking for the shore.

Sitting down on the grass, I smiled, having suffered the degradation of the pond and being soaking wet, I fared without a single sting.

Until I felt something lightly touch my neck.

And then burn as the pain increased.

I yelped as I swatted at my newly punctured flesh.







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