A few years ago, my wife and I heard about this movie that just had awesome reviews. It was all the rave in the box office, but just wasn’t something that I normally would go out of my way to watch, so we skipped it in the theaters.

A few months later, I saw it on the Netflix DVD section and decided, ‘Heck, I’ll give it a try.’ and added it to my queue then waited for its arrival. When it finally did arrive, we plopped it into the DVD player, sat down and watched it.

Now, I will say this is a spoiler free, however, if you haven’t seen this movie yet, well.. it’s been out long enough that I should not be held accountable for anything I say. I mean, come on, it came out in 2006!

So, anyway, back to the story…

We sit and watch this movie and watch as this man’s life if pretty much taken to the lowest point possible. He makes a bad decision when it comes to his job, his wife leaves him (leaving him to take care of their kid), he gets evicted, something happens to his car, (ok, add a dog dying and this is a country song, am I right?) and in one scene he is hunkered down in a bathroom, crying, all the while keeping anyone else from using it by holding the door closed with his foot while his kid sleeps on the floor with him.

About halfway through, I paused the movie, looked at my wife and said, ‘If I were this guy, I would have already thrown myself in front of a train.” She nodded agreement with my assessment, but in hopes of it having a silver lining, we carried on with the movie.

Another 30 minutes into it, I paused it, stood up and just said ‘This movie better have an awesome ending cause, I’m like seriously depressed right now.’

Hit play…

And finally, at the very end of the movie, the story does end with an upswing.


After the deep dark tunnel that they had just taken me down, the ending was barely a glimmer in that hole. So much so, that we watched another movie just a few days later and I was totally waiting for bad stuff to happen. (it never did, and it turned out to be a great movie.)

I couldn’t understand how everybody raved about this movie, how great it was, what an awesome story, etc. It was so dark and depressing that I just couldn’t see it for what others did.

What movie am I talking about?

Why, nothing less then Will Smith’s “the Pursuit of Happyness” (yeah, it bothers me to misspell that word on purpose too)






Now mind you, I blame all this on the superb acting and story telling they did in this movie, and for that I say they did a great job..

But talk about the opposite of happyness…er.. happiness… shesh.

Oh, and the other movie we saw a few days later? “The World’s Fastest Indian“.

The Worlds Fastest Indian-07


Yeah, you should seriously watch that movie.. that one is awesome.


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