A path to Narnia

I have recently taken to reading (and hopefully finishing) the Narnia series by C.S. Lewis. I know it might sound strange, but this classic, beloved children’s series is something I have never taken the time to get acquainted with.

Sure, I have seen pretty much every adaptation in movie form of “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe” but beyond that, I never really knew anything more then that (on a side note, the new movies are pretty awesome).

I read “The Magician’s Nephew” about two years ago, then starting reading the next one, got about half way through, and for some reason, just set it down. But there is just something about Narnia that keeps calling back to me. Whether it is the child like manner in which Mr. Lewis writes, or the adventure that really isn’t an adventure, or Aslan, there is just something I am enjoying about the story right now.

Given the chance, I would love to have my own portal to Narnia, to see the home of Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, to see the broken Stone Table, or to have my own conversation with Mr. Tumnus, I just think it would be an awfully good time. (ok, I normally don’t write like that, but I thought a bit of homage was in store).

Maybe it’s my desire to be like Mr. Lewis and write something that speaks to the test of time, and causes people to come back to it time and time again. Aspirations being what they are, it isn’t too crazy a thought, is it?

But, yeah, if I could, I think Narnia would be a pretty cool place to have a tunnel too.



3 thoughts on “A path to Narnia

    1. But the wardrobe was only used in that one story. It always changes. Granted, after reading the first book and finding where the wardrobe comes from, it is pretty cool.


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