Here comes the rain again…


I watched as the clouds rolled up the sky, turning from a soft blue to angry grey. Sparks and flashes danced across them like some epic Greek mythological war that was waging just beyond the veil. The late day air began to cool, ushering in a welcome relief to the mid-afternoon sweltering that had abolished any hope of enjoying the day.

I knew that the with the arrival of the cooler air the rain would not be far off, and with the tempest that was brewing, the deluge was going to be fierce. I hunkered down on my front porch, waiting for it to begin, wondering to myself if the shelter would be enough to fend off the onslaught.

Then I saw it. The deep grey sheet that went from cloud to ground. It looked as if the sky had unfurled a bedspread and let loose its curtain to trail the earth. It moved toward me as I leaned on the banister and I could see from the fury of the downpour that I was in for another spectacular evening of summer storms.

A bolt of lighting lit the sky a mile or two away. I blinked hard as the echo from the burst burned into my eyes and then listened as a thunder crack shook the house around me. The smell of the rain hit me first. The deep, cool richness of the air filling my lungs, enhanced by the scent of the oncoming rain.

Wind wiped around me, causing small whirlwinds to eddy around the corner of the porch, stirring the dust on the unswept wooden floor. I watched for a brief second in fascination and then was reminded as another bolt from the storm drew my attention back to the matter at hand. The thunder rolled across me as reeled from the proximity of the strike.

I watched as another bolt hit a large tree at the front of the yard, not 500 yards away. The bright light and the noise almost simultaneously assaulting me. The image of the glowing wood stayed with me as I decided that now would be a good time to retreat into the house.

I opened the screen door and walked into the house, turning one last time to watch as the rain began to fall on the tin roof.

Got to love those afternoon showers.


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