Say wha…?

For some reason, I can’t hear people when they are standing within five feet of me. Ok, maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but I find it difficult. Something about the tones and what not that just muddle the words in my ears, so much so that I tend to read lips just as much as listen. (no, I really can’t read lips, but for some reason it helps)

However, the inverse to the proportion is not true (eww, fancy words, not sure what they mean, but it does make me feel smart using them). People who are having conversations over 5 feet away, I can hear like they were sitting right next to me. Sadly, this makes eavesdropping pretty easy for me, and with my inherent desire to know everything, it pretty much makes me a stalker.



To be clear, I don’t really do this on purpose (most of the time), but over the years, this little ‘gift’ has lead to a few insights about people that I have used to help them through tough times or has opened up opportunities for me to counsel with them about things or

The down side to all this is that I tend not to ever remember anything past its usefulness. I’m trying pretty hard to remember anything I heard that would be funny, or anecdotal, or at least fitting toward the topic, but I’m at a loss. That’s a good thing (I guess) in the long run, because I tend to keep moving forward and not become bogged down by other peoples issues, dealing with them as I have need.

In the end, I totally blame the Navy and all the training I got from them about gathering information and analyzing it to create a big operational picture.

The hearing thing though, that’s totally God’s fault.

If you need me, I’ll be in the corner.

Listening to your conversations.




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