The best part of waking up…

20140222_175250-001 (1)Sunrise.

That special time in the morning that so many people seem to be drawn too.

That time when the world is quiet and the busyness of the day hasn’t set in yet.

That moment when the sun peeks over the edge of the world to greet you in the new day with new possibilities.

That instance when…

I think you are absolutely nuts. Seriously people, do you know how early that is?

That’s like so early the sun isn’t even up.

Stop making this a big deal and go back to bed.


I’m totally looking at my wife on this one.. she’s insane (and not just for marrying me) cause she likes to get up that early and keeps trying to convince me to join her because it’s just so wonderful.

No… just.. no.20140222_175838_Richtone(HDR)

Ok, fine, she has on occasion been able to get me up that early, but that’s just cause I’m a great guy and nothing to do with the fact that she nags me so much I just give in…

(she isn’t reading this, right?)

If so.. love you.




3 thoughts on “The best part of waking up…

  1. Ugh, I’m totally with you… I’ll look at the pictures, but nothing says I have to actually watch the sun rise. Tell her to take pictures and y’all can look at them together. That’s like a shared experience, right? ^_^


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