Social Media Influx

Social Media.

The bane of my existence.

It is like this double edged sword that is wielded against me.

On one side, I post all my blogs on it, hoping to increase my audience, or at least reach them. Maybe one day that will turn into something more, like a published novel or a paying job. (you know, the whole… do something you love, never work again.. thing.)

On the other hand it is an overwhelmed audience you are trying to reach.

For instance…

Facebook_iconFacebook quizzes (what Kardashian are you? (really? Like I care??)), to the bait videos (you know the ones… you won’t believe what happens when…), you are left with this idea that there is nothing on Facebook anymore, so you skim through the text, glimpse at the photos, and carry on.

Google+ is only slightly better, but the gplus.fwfact that so few people use it, there is the almost a point to where you ask yourself, “What’s the point?”. Sure, it’s a great idea, but the interface is so wonky compared to how everyone is accustomed to Facebook, it makes it feel difficult (and in today’s society of reward the mediocre, no one wants difficult).

social-twitter-box-blue-iconTwitter? Do people actually read those things? 140 characters doesn’t seem like much, unless you don’t live on it and have to go through 100 posts that you missed in the 2 hours you decided to live your life away from it. Even at the short text message like status updates, it can still be so daunting just to keep up with what everyone is doing.

Let’s not even get on Instagram. instagram-iconBut, since you brought it up… Instagram is Twitter, but for people who don’t like to read. There, I said it. Instagram is for lazy Twitter people (that being said, I like Instagram, scroll, scroll, like, scroll, scroll… you get the idea). Besides that, do I really need to know what you had for lunch… everyday?

youtube-iconYouTube isn’t much better. Anyone with a webcam can just put anything on there. Sure, there are great videos, well put together and presented. It even has some down right funny stuff. But, one, let’s never forget these few facts… this is where we get Justin Bieber, “Friday, Friday, Friday yeah!” and countless other moments of my life I will never get back.. from. Plus, seriously, it’s only like 3 clicks til you get to “THAT” part of YouTube.

And while we are on that subject of clicks to ‘that’ tumblr-icon-modpart of something, might I introduce you to Tumblr. I’m scared of Tumblr. In the few times I have actually dared to grace that web-land I have found that on Tumblr, “THAT” part is only like a click away. Except, on Tumblr (unlike YouTube), “THAT” part has nudity of the hardcore variety .

social-linkedin-box-blue-iconLinkedIn is kind of the opposite side of the spectrum then Tumblr. Something I have just recently decided to join to try to increase my virtual footprint, so I really can’t speak much on that one. However, in my short experience on it, I’m just confused. So confused.

Even though I am sure I have forgotten some of the social networks out there, what I can say about all of this is that it ends up being this overwhelming incoming plethora of notifications that can drive a person nuts.

Plus.. social? Really? They are anything but social. But that is a diatribe rant for another day…

And that doesn’t even include the fact that most of it is stuff that, on a very general level, the rest of us just don’t care about. The obscure rant updates, the photos or videos of cats, the every moment live updates of your life, what you had for lunch photos, the endless slew of selfies, and the blog updates.. er.. um.. forget that last part.. no really.. I didn’t say that…

Keep reading the blog updates.






6 thoughts on “Social Media Influx

  1. Coincidentally just before i read your post I was considering reactivating my facebook page.
    I didn’t want to spam friends and family with my posts.
    They’re pretty indifferent to them. But since i quit a month ago. (I didn’t deactivate my account just removed everything including my icon photo)
    no one seemed to notice.
    So now I’m thinking the heck with them. Spam here I come.
    I relate to your dilemma.


  2. Social Media. It can be all overwhelming. I have my favourite 3, and have tried to branch out to Goggle+, but I still don’t get how that works. It takes up a looooot of time, and you’re right…I’m not sure how social it actual is.


  3. The only one I really use is Facebook because I have friends and family all over the place and it’s a good, central location to get word out to them. My blog posts go through Twitter (the only thing I use it for because I have some friends on Twitter who aren’t on Facebook) to post directly to Facebook.

    I’ve heard of the others, but don’t use them. The only reason anything gets posted on Google + at all is because I use Chrome and some things are automatically posted. Chrome is weird like that.


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