The Smirk

I have an irritating quality.

(Ok, I have a lot of irritating qualities.. but that’s not important right now… focus)

It starts simply enough. I’ll be sitting with a group of my students, when I will suddenly have this epiphany drop into my lap about one of them. It’s usually something that no one else knows, something that they are trying to hide, or something they just aren’t ready to talk about, just yet. So, this juicy morsel of information rattles around in my head (cause, you know, there is a lot of room in there for some rattling), and ends up resting right on my motor nerve muscles for my mouth. And then the smirk happens.

(Really, it’s more like… I know their secret and I really want to tell, but I can’t, cause, that would be wrong, so instead of laughing about it or trying to draw attention to the fact that I know, I stifle it and the result of the stifling is the smirk. So, in essence, the smirk is really me trying to stop from grinning ear to ear… yeah, it’s bad)

As anyone of the kids who have been the target of the smirk will tell you… it’s terrifying. Some will tell you they can feel it, some will tell you that it feels like ice running through their veins, some will tell you they try to run and hide from it (some are very well payed to say these things). Most of them will tell you that I’m never wrong. (I’m not so sure about that either).

But one thing is for sure, if you ever see me smirk at you, and you wonder what I am thinking, you are pretty much guaranteed to be right with the very first thought that you had.

Now, if only I could perfect Blue Steel


Or “The Smoulder”flynn-smolder

Wait a second…. those are the same thing!


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