The Call

It was all I could do not to force it out of her, but her voice, the tone, told me this was serious. I waited silently, the phone shaking in my hand. I could hear her take a deep breath.

“Dad’s gone.”


20 thoughts on “The Call

    1. I hear you. The weird part, it’s suppose to be 42 words long, and I just plopped this out, and it was 43. That one word I had to remove was like cutting off a finger…or some other hard to lose body part.

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    1. I have gotten a few of those calls. Most have been from the nurse at Hospice telling me that I should come down, only once did I actually get a call letting me know someone was already gone. (I wonder if that’s why I hate answering the phone… hrm.)

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  1. This sounds like one of those moments that’s so vivid you can (unfortunately) play it back for the rest of your life. You did a good job of representing that, though it’s so sad. There’s a lot of sadness going around this week!


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