Game Snob

I am a gamer.

There, I said it.

Not like I’m admitting to an addiction or anything, I just enjoy video games.

I do, however, have a major issue when it comes to them.

I hate used games.




Just knowing someone else has already opened up my game, has had their filthy paws mawing all over my disc, and doing only God know’s what to the case and the material inside.

Makes me shudder.

In my collection of Xbox games that I have accumulated over the last 10 or so years, I have in my possession no more than 2 or 3 games that I bought after someone else had gotten done with them, and they only came into the herd because they were games that could no longer be bought brand new.

Just a few of the games in my collection.

I am the same way with most of my electronic gadgetry. So much so that when I do purchase a product, it can’t be the box at the front. No, not that one at the front. That one that every person who has looked for the same thing has touched. “Defiled!”, I say to that one. No, I reach behind that one for another one. I inspect the box because it has to be in the best box, no corners smashed, the original tape still in tact.

Used just isn’t for me.

Unless it’s a car.

New cars are just crazy expensive.



10 thoughts on “Game Snob

    1. I have found that second hand games only cost a few bucks less than the new ones. I’m willing to drop $5 just so I can have the privilege of knowing that some dudes newborn didn’t use the disc as a teething ring.


      1. Sometimes that’s the case as far as the price goes, but I usually don’t buy a game within the first year of its release. I also personally inspect the disc before plunking down the money for it. I make them take the time to let me look it over, and if it doesn’t satisfy me, they either get another copy out or I leave without buying it.

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  1. As a software contracts person, I would almost always favor used over first model! I do not want to be a paying Guinea pig. 🙂

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    1. Trust me, I have been bitten on more then one occasion. Bought Brink first day, bought Fallout:New Vegas first week, never got around to it til I could have purchased it for $20.. with all the DLC…

      So, I totally get it.. but even that doesn’t deter me.


  2. I’m glad I’m not a gamer. 😛 At least with books, I know the content isn’t going to change no matter how long I wait. I never understood people who stood outside for hours waiting for the latest Harry Potter to hit the shelves. Just never understood it. They were the ones who had to read it before anyone else. Me? I figured I’d wait until paperback (now Kindle) because the story won’t change no matter how long I wait.

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    1. Oddly, that photo was taken when my son borrowed those from me (so I have a record of the games he has of mine). I have every Halo there is (except for the new Master Chief Collection and the redo of Halo 1). I played CoD for a while, but am a tried and true BF player.

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