New Medications

There I was, in the doctor’s office. I hate doctor’s offices by the way, nothing good ever seems to happen in them. Even when you are healthy they tend to make you think you might not be. Mind you, I actually like my doctor, he is a pretty cool guy, serves in the reserves (which bolsters his cool level with me) and has a really good attitude, so i guess I shouldn’t complain all too much.

But still…


Anywho…there i was, the nurse person (same person who did my weight.. yep, same visit) was taking my vitals and everything seemed to be okay when she turns to me and asks that question that they ask at every doctors visit I have been to.

“Are you allergic to any medication?”

Now, me being in a snarky mood already due to the previous conversation about my weight, fired back almost immediately…

“Not yet. But they keep making new ones, so it really is just a matter of time.”

She looked at me with a sideways glance, marked on the record (I’m assuming here she marked no), and walked to the door saying “The doctor will be in shortly.”

I don’t think I won a new fan on that day.


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