The Moment of Midnight

The second hand closes in on the hour, each click a resounding boom in my ears as the final second draws ever closer.


I can feel my heartbeat quicken. It does, everyday, about this time.


I start to take a deep breath, anticipating the pain that is about to hit me. It always helps to have my lungs full when the hour strikes.


Sweat beads on my forehead, anticipation mixed with anxiety.


Almost hear, just one more second, lungs almost full.


A smile crosses my face, I can feel it, mischievous on my lips, my teeth bared for the impact, my breath held.


Like a wave of pain passing over me, the moment impacts me with such force the air is knocked out of my lungs. The pain seizing every space in my body. The scream tears its way through my throat and out of my mouth. My eyes feel the fire of the instant blaze, tears welling in the corners. My fingers burn, my toes ignite, my heart stops.


The moment has passed. My body returns. My mind is at peace. The second hand is frozen as I hear my heartbeat subside in my ears. The smile returns, impish and wicked. I am through the door, and now, for the next hour, the world is my play toy.

Moving car keys, lifting toilet seats, driving that drunk person home. Yep, all those things you don’t remember doing the night before. That’s me. Or, well, someone like me. Too you, it is all done in the space of a second, but for me, it’s an entire hour of fun, and the hour is new.

So, what shall I do tonight?


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