You’re Joking Me, Right?

It was an atypical night. The moon was hidden behind the clouds that just dumped rain all over the city, downtown was busy with the hustle and bustle of life, cars whipped to and fro carrying people from here to there, and I was bored. Then again, I’m always bored. This town is so lame. It needs someone to spice it up. Someone to give it an enima.

Why not me?

So, I decided to have some fun. Challenge myself. Give myself a laugh.

There it is. A challenge. Now, all I needed was for opportunity to meet madness.





I spotted them walking down the alley toward where I had been having my own personal dialogue. If you think I’m crazy for talking to myself, think again. I’m not crazy cause I talk to myself, no one is. I’m crazy cause I answer back…

Ha ha ha.

Oh, I kill me.

Wait, I’m getting ahead of my story.

I saw them. Dressed in those fancy clothes, laughing, having a good old time.

Isn’t that cute. A nice little family. All together. Dad. Mom. Son. Look at the fun they must be having. Why am I not having fun? Why should I be the only one without fun?

It’s decided then. They will be my fun for the night.

I step out from the shadows, pulling my piece from my jacket. It feels cold and heavy, but so powerful.



I can’t believe I said boo. That’s just too rich. Boo. Like a scary boogeyman coming out of the closet…

So I say “Boo.” as I point the gun at the mom. They stop. Instantly, I see fear grip them. It looks.. sweet. Yes, that’s it. Sweet. I feel a sudden rush. A thrill chilling up my spin. It shakes me from bottom to top. “Ohhh, did you feel that?” I laugh as I stare at the three of them, frozen by fear.

I wave the gun around at them. “Give me the money.” A giant grin crosses my face. I watch as the man fumbles into his jacket and grabs his wallet. Taking all the money out..

Oh, look at all that money. Hundreds. I lick my lips at the prospect of spending all of it. A giggle escapes from me.

“Please don’t hurt us. Take anything you want.” His voice is steady, almost like he isn’t afraid of me.

Not afraid? He should be afraid! I have the gun!

Yeah, I’m going to take whatever I want. I look down at the boy, his black hair combed so perfect, he has tears in his eyes. I smile as I grab the money from his dad. A gleeful thrill causes my smile to turn into a smirk as I relish in the power of the moment.

“Ewwww.” I say out loud as I spot the necklace. “I want the shiny on her neck.” It’s such a pretty pearl necklace. She looks over at her husband, he is still so calm.

“Give it to him, Martha.” His voice doesn’t even crack. Who does he think he is?

She starts to fumble with it. Unable to get the clasp off as her hands are shaking too badly. See, she gets it. You should be terrified right now old man!

I reach over and grab it, snatching it from her neck. A strand breaks and I watch as the pearls fall toward the ground. Money and pearls in hand, I look at the dad. He still stands there unshaken. Cool. Calm. Collected. It irritates me.

You think you are in such control, do you? Well, we will see about that, won’t we. Trying to spoil my fun. Trying to take away my thrill. You must be joking, right? RIGHT!?

His mouth is moving but I can’t hear anything he is saying, the blood boiling in my ears. “Take what you want.” That’s what he said, that’s what he told me to do. Steal my excitement will you? I’m going to take away…

The gun kicks in my hand, the sound rings out. A grin swallows my face as I feel a mad rush of pleasure fill me. I stare right at him as it goes off, watching as his eyes go wide, as that peace he had is shattered, just like the body of his wife as it falls to the ground, crimson staining her white blouse. Oh, look at his face now. He doesn’t know what to do.

Who’s in control now? WHO?

He starts to step toward me, apparently forgetting that I have the gun. Easy enough to kill two as it is to kill one. The gun goes off again. His face freezes in a look of pain and horror. I like that look. He falters, then falls to the ground. I tilt my head, looking at mom on one side and dad on the other, framing around this poor, young boy.

His face. No emotion. Just tears. I don’t think he has quite the grasp on the situation. Let’s help him understand.

I lean forward, look him right in the face and simply say, “Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?”



11 thoughts on “You’re Joking Me, Right?

    1. I appreciate you reading it. (if it’s any consolation, this is an adaptation to the Bruce Wayne/Batman origin story as seen in the original Batman with Michael Keaton, and as told from the perspective of the Joker)


      1. 🙂 Thank you! I saw that movie 9 years before the incident, otherwise it would have been like this: “Stop, Eject, Rewind, Back to the Video Rental Store”

        Thanks for the follow by the way… 🙂 Honesty always pays off!

        Liked by 1 person

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