I’ve been writing poetry for a very long time. Mind you, none of it is really all that good, at least not in my opinion. Add to that fact that I have this really weird way of creating songs out of nothing (a trait my wife calls ‘songing’ (yeah, I don’t get it either)), and you end up with this weird mish-mash of strange songs that get sung (way out of tune) to the melodies I hear on the radio or tv.

Except for this one time.

I’m not sure when it happened, but it was sometime around my daughter being about 3 years old. She was a ball of fire, always on the go, always quietly planning to do something. That was one of her scary traits. With our son, we always knew he was doing something wrong because he would make a ton of noise doing it. Our daughter however, when she got quiet… you could almost guarantee she had some nefarious plot she had cooked up and was in the midst of trying to take over the world.

Sleep, sleep was something I am sure she deemed for the weak. We could always tell when she was tired because she would wind up, get very chatty, then take a breath and pass out. But I digress into the memories.

As I was saying about the badly tuned singing, I would periodically come up with some stupid silly song and it would just become the song for the moment. I once rewrote the Barney song when my son decided that crying was how he was going to accomplish getting sympathy. It went something like this:

I’m okay, you’re okay

Lets all have a happy day

No more crying, no more fuss,

Lets not be a grumpy gus.

Okay, it went exactly like that (I was trying to save my own dignity, at least what little I think I have left), and as I said, not the greatest (but what do you expect, I seriously made this up on the spot that day). To this day, when one of our children decides that pouting is the answer, it is not uncommon for my wife (or I) to break out in this song just to torment them. Parenting privileges, am I right?

The reason I say all that is because there is one song that has stuck with me since my daughter was about 3 (yep, I’m finally getting back to that part of the story.. rabbit trail much?). She was dressed up in a cute little jean dress, she had her hair up in a ponytail, white sandals and she was just raring to go. For some reason, that just hit me as inspiration, and I imagined her all grown up, and I came up with a little song. No, I won’t record myself singing it, as I do believe that would classify me as a distributor of a weapon of mass eardrum destruction, so for now, the world is safe. However, it has a country feel to the tune and the lyrics go like this:

Blue jean dress and her sandals on,

Hair up in a ponytail and she was gone,

Turning heads all around,

Breaking hearts across the town.

With hair of gold and eyes like the sea,

I just wish that she could be,

If only for just one more day,

Daddy’s little girl.

Needless to say, I was singing that in my head as I typed it up. I’d give you the tune, but unfortunately I am not gifted with such ability (my children however probably could). Years later (or maybe months, it’s all timey-whimey) I wrote a few more verses or chorus or… I don’t know.. lines? I don’t recall them, but they are written down somewhere in one of the many books I started using to write my stuff down.

So, I think I am done embarrassing myself today… but rest assured, there have been many other songs I have made up, none of which you will most likely ever hear (be thankful), and I’m sure as I grow older and grandchildren become part of my life, there will be many more silly songs with Lar… Todd.

Oh, the torture those children will suffer from my voice.



6 thoughts on “Songing

  1. I love this! I read your kiddo poems and had the tune inside my head.
    I never sang to my kiddos, but they loved it when I made up stories. They still do…at 14 and 20.
    So glad our paths crossed today….I promise that I’m not the moody person you just read about earlier this morning šŸ˜‰


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