10 Minutes of Raw Thought

Uninterrupted. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing? It seems that my entire day is nothing more than one big interruption after distraction. 10 minutes of pure writing is a whole lot more difficult for me than people would imagine. This here, this is my 4th.. 5th.. something like that.. attempt to write for 10 minutes straight. I think I actually got through almost 8 minutes once.

It got deleted. It was super critical of other people’s writing, or at least I felt it was, and I don’t want to offend anyone. Yet, somehow, I still can’t get that thought out of my head. So.. maybe I will offend. I warned you.

Poems. I am almost tired of seeing poems on the blog. Almost. Now, mind you, I love poetry. I think it is a beautiful art form that truly expresses thoughts in an emotionally engaging manner. Except.. a lot of what I read tends to fall into the category of.. hey, look, I can put words on paper (or whatever this whitespace we type on is classified as) and then hit publish. I like some poems that are here, and those I give a like too. I try not to just like stuff as a form of ambivalent encouragement.

That thought, by the way, is not just held about the poems I read here. I have had several conversations over the last few weeks were people have used the tripe quote..”Poetry is for the reader to interpret.”

That is such a load of crap. When I write…


So.. where was I…  oh yeah.. when I write poetry, I always have an interpretation in mind. Yet, I know you have read stuff that you are left just going.. bwah-huh? Yeah, that’s a word, and it has a facial look to it too.

No, I’m not saying my poetry is good. Far from it. But, isn’t poetry suppose to illicit a feeling? Draw you in? Paint a picture with words? Something?

I don’t know. Maybe I am just super critical. Maybe I am becoming the crogity old coot that yells at kids to get off my lawn… but.. I’m only 43.. so.. bwah-huh?

Even in my own writing, I prefer to draw on the emotions. Pull them out, savor on them, allowing my reader to enjoy the moments as felt by the character. Sometimes, I am successful. Sometimes I fall horribly. Sometimes I fail horribly and think I’m succesful. Trust me, you all let me know so well by the comments and likes my posts get.

This post, I don’t think will get many likes. Being critical I guess does that.

Anyway.. if you are still reading this, let me leave you writers with a bit of encouragement:

Write on



11 thoughts on “10 Minutes of Raw Thought

  1. I try to write poetry that doesn’t take too much interpretation. Hopefully readers find it as such. Sorry, just couldn’t help but take your blog personally, but not necessarily in a bad way!


    1. Well, I like some of your poetry.. I think you do a good job of painting a picture of your crazy youthful days. My thoughts were more about the ones you read and you sit there thinking.. what did I just read? No soul, no passion, no anything.. just words.. almost for words sake.


  2. I used to write poetry, then I took creative writing in college. Haven’t written a poem since. It killed my muse! I don’t mind reading it so much… but I tend not to follow blogs that are nothing but poetry because I’m not a big fan of it.

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  3. I did not hit “like” just to be encouraging (although I must admit sometimes I do that just so the blogger knows someone out there in cyberspace is reading his stuff). I agree about the poetry. I used to try to write it, but it always ended up being sing-song and trite, so I stopped. There are some outstanding poets here, and when I’ve finished reading their work I know what I’ve just read. Others? Not so much. Too obscure. My favorite poetry is story in poetic form. I can understand it.

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    1. It’s funny, because as of late, I have started writing a bit more poetry. Not sure why, just seems the daily prompt doesn’t deserve the effort of a full on focused story and something about the way Tom, at “From Balderdash to Epiphany”, writes his stuff sticks with me… funny, short, entertaining. That way I can focus more on the writing for my book.. now.. if only I actually did that it would be great. (the link to his page is https://wordpress.com/read/blog/id/23323613/ )


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