Let the Instruments Play

Music is an amazingly important part of who I am. Throughout my life I have had songs that have spoken to me on a very personal level. Songs that transcend a moment and ignite inside of me a cascade of emotions and context that create a cacophony of cerebral cinema. In other words… I don’t just hear music, I see it. I see the characters acting out the parts, I see a scene setting open up before me that draws me away, much akin to the way most people who read books are raptured away by the words they read.

The music that tends to affect me the most has always been classical. There is just something so breathtakingly poetic about the way the composer blends all the instruments into an emotionally charged melody that just draws me in. The lack of lyrics gives freedom to my mind to run in the open fields with arms outstretched, becoming the architect of my own imagination and allowing it to take flight on the wings of the rhythm.

I will add this one caveat. The music I enjoy tends to be like the poetry I like. It has to move me. Draw me in emotionally, sweep me away with the story it tells, and leave me at the end wondering why it stopped. In retrospect, I think that is why I tend to be drawn to classical music.

As of recently, I have been drawn to the Piano Guys and the remixes they are doing with several of the classics. They do some of the newer songs also, but I don’t care for those… as much. I have also recently heard the London Orchestra do the music from Downton Abbey, in particular the song called “The Suite”. I have not watched the show, but the soundtrack is pretty phenomenal.

With all that said, I will leave you with two of my favorite Piano Guys’ songs.


O Fortuna

(could not find a link to the Piano Guys official youtube channel for this one)

As an extra bonus, because the Christmas season is starting… Carol of the Bells

(I do enjoy Trans Siberian Orchestra’s version of this also, Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12/24)


9 thoughts on “Let the Instruments Play

  1. I have to agree. If you are the type of person where music strikes a chord (pardon the pun) it will affect you on many different levels. One of my first sentences said something very similar, to close your eyes when you listen to a my theme. Music speaks to everyone in different ways. Thank you for your post

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  2. Those Piano Guys are pretty awesome. I also like the Trans Siberian Orchestra’s version of Carol of the Bells. Actually, I like Trans Siberian Orchestra period, but that’s another thing altogether. 🙂


  3. I adore the Piano Guys. I love the way Steve does so much with the cello. Their music is just remarkable. And yes, TSO is wonderful. Their Carol of the Bells is powerful. Now that Thanksgiving has passed, they will be well-played and listened to here.


  4. Like you, music is hardwired into my brain, and I especially (but not exlusively) love the classics. I love the big stuff that fills you right up to the brim and spills over the top. And the Piano Guys are my new favorites 🙂 Love their stuff.

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    1. My daughter bought me their “Wonders” album for Christmas (girl knows her dad) and now I listen to them a lot more… even though I tend to skip over the ‘Let It Go’ song.. ugh.


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