Christmas Tree Cat

The tree is up,cat-in-a-tree

the ornaments are set,

The lights are hung,

but not complete yet.

There is something missing

in our Christmas Tree

What is that something?

Why it’s just lil’ ol’ me.

The story behind the photo

So, as is our tradition, my wife put up our Christmas tree yesterday. I would have helped, but, well, that’s just not my thing. I tend to set the tree up and then walk away while the rest of the decorations take place. This year, I didn’t even do that (I wasn’t really feeling good, and she was being nice to me).

Not soon after the tree was up and the house was being decorated, our youngest cat decided that she would not be outdone and climbed up into the tree and made it her own and the following photo was snapped. Seriously, this cat is weird. I think it’s what makes her fit in with the rest of the family.


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