Ok, I’m not sure what I did. Maybe you have done it too… I hope you haven’t.. however..

I happen to be writing both the blogs that I have posted today (not including this one of course), open in separate windows at the same time (using the new interface, just in case you were wondering). So, I posted the first one a while ago, and as life tends to go, got busy before I got back to finishing up my next one.

So, this is where it gets messy.

I finish the second one, happy and satisfied that I had completed something resembling the interworking of a writer’s mind (I dare not boast, it’s too easy for other’s to burn you out of the sky with flaming arrows), I hit the publish button. Then sat back and basked in the glow of a job well done.

Being a bit compulsive about my obsessions, I decided to see if my reader updated because there have many instances where when I hit publish, instead of publishing immediately, it schedules it. Even though it says.. publish immediately. Apparently my definition for immediate and WordPress’s differ drastically.

So… refresh. No post. Refresh again. Nope, not there. “Ok. That’s weird.” I think to myself. So I go into my posts to see if it’s there and maybe just scheduled and I happen to read the schpeel about it being posted, “hurray!” wrong. Nope, there it is. Nice and nestled right above the post I put up for Thanksgiving.

This is where the brakes start squealing and squeaking. Where did my post about the cat in the Christmas tree go?


It’s really frustrating when you don’t like something you write, it’s an entirely different level of frustration when the program you are using decides to eat it. Am I right?

So, anywho, I go back to my reader, nope, there it is. On the page, just like when I posted it a few hours ago. So, click the ‘view original’ button and…


What the…..

At this point, my head breaks the sound barrier as it plummets toward the wooden surface that is my desk.

Luckily, I have a gel wrist guard there and it did a super job of absorbing the impact of my forehead, saving me from what could have been a severe concussion (or at least a really big dent on the desk) and allowing me to write this post.

But first… I had to fix it.

Thankfully… revert to original post did it’s job and I was able to copy paste my second story into a new post and publish it (or rather.. schedule it because.. you know.. post immediately is just an illusion).

So, I guess the question I have been driving too is.. has anyone else encountered this? Where opening up two different “New Posts” will cause the one to overwrite the other? It’s frustrating.

Oh, and if you haven’t… might my misadventures in posting be the example you use so this does not happen to you either.

(btw, it totally just told me that I successfully scheduled this post too.. even though it clearly is marked.. publish immediately… if you need me, I’ll be in the corner sucking on my thumb and pulling on my woobie.)

7 thoughts on “Seriously??

  1. Nope, mine publish pretty much immediately. But I publish, read, edit, publish, read, edit… And I only post one thing at a time. I also don’t check the reader… Just the post page to see if it made it there. So maybe that’s has happened and I didn’t know it? I dunno.

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  2. Hasn’t happened to me…yet…but I can see how easily it could happen. I started writing in Microsoft Word now, which actually allows me to post it directly from there instead of doing it from inside WordPress…not that there is anything wrong with using the interface here….:)


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