Conceptualized Paradox

There are very few moments in my life where the diametrically opposed extremes happen, where complete joy and dread culminate in a moment. I would name that moment something, but I don’t know that a word has been breathed that would qualify for such a position. When two things pull at each other in such a dramatic opposite as to nullify the effort of the other.

I have heard there are stories of an immovable object being pushed upon by an irresistible force and how those two things coming together (or rather meeting as it would be as an immovable object does not move hence the name) could create a conundrum, or even so far as a paradox in time and space (where’s the Doctor when you need him?)

But how many times has anyone ever written about two things, not meeting, but moving away from each other until they converge. Think about that for a minute. Not too long. It’s already hurting my head to even attempt to conceptualize it.

In my past there is one such story that relates to this matter, but it is not a direct correlation. I only mention it because, well… why not? It’s my blog, I’m writing it, you’re reading it.. so.. there.

It happened so long ago that the details behind the events are fuzzy enough just to be indistinguishable but fresh enough that I can recall the gist of it. It happened when I was 18. Or there abouts… so the story goes that on the day I married my wife, there were those that stood in amazement that I had finally gotten her to say yes (and more importantly, I do). When asked how I got her to finally cave in and marry me after 3 years of her professed disapproval of all things.. well.. me, someone (I don’t recall who, maybe my wife, maybe my friend Joe) stated the following:

“He chased her long enough for her to catch him.”

I thought about that. Paradox indeed. In my head I conceptualized an oval track and me running after her, her pulling away further and further until she taps me on the back and I stop running. I guess it works. But hey, you are getting a brain dump at the moment, so.. just enjoy the ride.

Now, we weren’t going in two separate directions, and even though there were moments of joy mixed with massive amounts of pain (look, I hate rejection, it’s kind of my achilles heel… and she said “No” a lot (no, that doesn’t make me a stalker, just persistent… ok, maybe a wee-bit of a stalker… but shhhh)), I don’t know that it applies to my original thought.

So where does that leave me with what I started out with.

Your guess is as good as mine. I forgot what I was writing about somewhere along the lines of the second paragraph.

So.. in closing.. did you see what I did with the picture? Cause.. you know.. paradox.. pair of docks.. come on people, this isn’t rocket surgery.


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