Now, for something.. stupid?


So, I just decided to paint a huge target on my chest and prance around with a rabbit tail, buck antlers and making goose noises as I wander around the silver thread of the internet.

I know… I know..


In layman’s terms, I just enabled the “like rating” function on my posts.

Basically giving my fragile ego a terrifying shock of electricity as I put my creativity on the line.

What if someone rates something  a 1 star? What if they rate it 5? What if they don’t rate it at all (as I am prone to do when I see them.. I’m such a horrible person.. I know).

I have yet to decide if this will be a  permanent thing OR if this was a good idea at all.

Popular opinion might win the day in whether I keep or dismiss this function.. so, tell me your opinion on them.

7 thoughts on “Now, for something.. stupid?

    1. Exactly. I love getting likes.. it’s kind of like a warm belly rub.. or what I assume a warm belly rub would feel like, I never get those.. seriously… I don’t.. maybe. But the like rating is that little star system at the top.. where people can rate how much they liked your post.. super dangerous to the ego.. potentially.

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  1. I haven’t seen the above rating before — that one could be dangerous! Overall, though, I think “Likes” are a good way to go have a look at whomever is looking in on us. I’ve rather often been surprised to find that artists look in on my ramblings, but no matter whom it is, I feel like I always get the better of the deal!

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  2. I don’t mind the likes on the posts, it’s the ratings I have a problem with. Likes are cool, ratings suck. They’re so subjective. I never “rate” anyone’s blog, but I’ll like or leave it.


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