I am an extremist. No, not the adrenaline junkie, risk taking kind. More like the…When I do something, I am all in, otherwise, I’m all out…kind.

For instance, chess. A simple game of attack and defend. One that I play with the aggressiveness of the German Blitzkrieg. I am not very good at it, at least against people who know how to play the game… like my wife. In the 25 plus years that I have known her, I don’t think I have ever beaten her in a game. Not that we play anymore. No, I stopped being defeated by her years ago because I know I am going to lose, and since I know I can’t win, what’s the point in playing.

(I’ll wait while you mentally draw a picture of me sitting smug, arms folded with the pout of a 5 year old on my face.)

Done? Ok, so, moving on.

See, I can’t win, so I am all out.

On the same coin (but the flip side), when I am into something, I am really into it. I use to play a simple little game called Everquest.Β Ever heard of it? It sported the nickname “Ever-crack” by those who got sucked up into that world and spawned more gaming widows than any other game until World of Warcraft came out (another game I played). I would invest no less than 8 hours a day into that game, playing it, getting lost in it, meeting my friend at Denny’s at 2am to discuss what we had just been playing for the previous 6 hours.

Yeah, it was kind of bad, but that is my nature.

Sure, there are days where I would like to be able to find a happy medium, but for some reason that just doesn’t sound like something I would be ok with. To be able to take things in moderation just seems… I don’t know… boring?

Ehh, whatever. It’s me. And I think I’m done with this topic, so…



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